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Coach Abdelkareem Alkhawaldeh

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Coach Abdelkareem Alkhawaldeh

Hive Fit Nation, Hive Fit Nation, Mohammad Al-Khdairat Street, Mohammad Al-Khdairat Street, Amman
Accepts Cash Payment

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Body BuildingThe process of enhancing the body's muscle, symmetry and the promotion of overall health and fitness
CardioSeveral Exercise to maintain heart health by maintaining blood pressure, lowering cholesterol levels, and burning calories
TabataA type of exercise related to cardio and aerobic exercises, so that it depends on the effort and the internal energy of the body without external effort and heavyweights so that after the end of the exercise, it will charge large and long energy for hours.
Circuit TrainingA various exercises are characterized as efficient, challenging, flexible and coordinated to develop strength and cardio fitness
FitnessHelping you to achieve your fitness goals